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Raphaela is professional hula hoop dancer and teacher, she first picked up a hula hoop when she was 18 and instantly fell in love with the creative dance style with so many physical and mental benefits! “Hula hooping completely changed my life, it gave me a massive boost of confidence which enabled me to follow my dreams and actually achieve them!” After 3 years of practicing yoga and hula hooping Raphaela went on to study Circus and Performing Arts at Circomedia in Bristol where she developed her dance styles and gained her love for flexibility training and aerial arts.

What To Expect

Raphaela will be teaching an introductory class to the art of hula hoop dancing for beginner students ages 10 to adult. 

The class is one hour long and will include technique breakdowns, new tricks, and a short combo. You can find examples of hula hoop dance on Raphaela's instagram page @raphaelahulalaa. 

Hula Hoop Dance is a new style of dance deriving from lyra hoop and aerial arts and is a great way to try a new style and get a great fun workout in!