Anna Goetz grew up dancing in Aurora, IL where she learned breaking, house, popping, locking, and hip hop from Anthony Foster (Disko). In her teens, she changed focus to more commercial styles of dance staying in hostels in LA at 16 to take “hip hop”/commercial dance. She also attended University of North Carolina School of the Arts commercial dance intensive. In her sophomore year while attending Loyola University of Chicago for dance she was reconnected with the original street styles she grew up with by entering Chicago’s street dancer/battle scene. 

Due to her unique background in concert contemporary and authentic street styles her dancing was labeled “experimental.” Her Junior year she traveled to Berlin Germany to research more experimental styles of dance that blend contemporary and street styles at B12 contemporary dance festival. Studying with Juan Tirado, Fabian Wixe, Micaela Taylor, Luke Murphy, and Sam Coren. She is currently working for Chicago Dance Crash a fusion dance company blending contemporary, hip hop, breaking, etc. With her teaching she firmly believes it is important to teach a foundation and history of hip hop dance/culture to pay respect to the voices of dance makers that have become overlooked with the growth of commercialized dance.  

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