The Program & Levels

Rise&Thrive Dance Company is a pre professional dance program and competitive performance company. Weekly classes are available in multiple styles for ages 3 and up. Classes are designed to train dancers at a preprofessional level and expose them to progressive techniques that teach students their steps as well as body awareness and injury prevention. 

Levels are broken down into three groups; primary, rising, and elite. In addition, we also offer pre level and parent and toddler classes for our younger dancers. The reason we use these levels over letters or numbers for our classes is to encourage more focus on the class technique rather than moving up a level. In addition, using a more positive terminology creates a more positive and motivational environment for each student over being focused on leveling up.


Primary Level: You are a primary choice dancer ready to start building up those skills! This level is designed for beginning intermediate dancers who have limited to no experience dancing and are ready to build their skills and gain new performance opportunities. 

Rising Level: You are a rising dancer still building those skills and rising to the top! This level is designed for intermediate dancers with some dance and performing experience who are starting to work on more advanced skills. 

Elite Level: You are among the elites and still rising! 

This level is designed for advanced dancers working on their advanced skills and entering professional jobs or careers. 

In addition to our preprofessional classes and programs, we also offer pre companies for dancers 3-5 and 5-8. We also offer toddler and pre-k classes Including; ballet, jazz, tap, and tumble as well as parent and me dance, stretch and tea time classes! Please check the schedule or call/email for more information!